Investment Opportunity

This once in a lifetime opportunity, to plant 100 acres (50 thousand trees) for investment in Teakwood Forestry, intermixed with Mahogany. This opportunity exists just for ONE investor. Be the one!

We also have a Small-Investment option available. Plant 10 acres (5 thousand trees) at an average cost of $15 - $25 per tree. When trees are fully grown, logs could fetch up to 4 thousand dollars each. Not a bad return.

Arrangements to visit the Belize Teak Plantation are available on REQUEST!!! There is no qualifying or RED tape, but you should be aware that it is a very long term investment. You are doing this for the next generation, or the next one. Your grandchildren will ripe the benefits.

Our Process

You purchase trees from our nursery and we will take care of them for you. You can sell your Teak trees at a future date. Here is a look at the 4 step program.

Step 1 Germination

We select the best seeds from Costa Rica. These have excellent growth rates.

Step 2 Nursery

We keep the seedlings in our nursery where they remain for a period of 3 to 5 months.

Step 3 Harvest

After 12 to 14 years growth period we start harvesting Teak trees from our plantation.

Step 4 Processing

After each harvest (12~14, 20, 25 years) the lumber is ready for processing into various products.

Teak Yields

Teak and Mahogany are the most valuable trees in the world. They are used, because of their characteristics, for boat building, garden furniture, indoor tables and chairs, window frames, doors and decks. Teakwood does not rot even in salty ocean air. Owning your own teak trees for future resale is as good as planting gold.

However it is a very long term investment. Please do your own research on the ROI (return on investment).

Teak for Sale

Purchase Teak from us

Belize Teak manages 300 acre plantation in southern Belize. In the forestry business, it means that we are really tiny. We planted our first teak tree in 1997 , and most of the remaining teak and mahogany trees were planted in the subsequent years 1998-2000.

We have started the “thinning” rotation in 2011. This means that each year we thin a certain number of acres, by cutting approximately 50% of the trees, and we keep in the ground the best performers. Because we do not thin all the teak at the same time, we have some variations in the production, but we also have some flexibility with choices of lumber.

This process produces for us a certain number of logs which can be sold as such, or they can be squared. Given the weather conditions in Belize, this process can happen ONLY when the ground is really dry, which means generally between March 1st and May 31st

The logs, or the squared logs, are stored in a container, and are air dried until they are shipped to you.

A log would have a minimum size of 5 inch diameter at the top , and may be between 30 and 40 inches at the bottom. Of course in the years, this size will increase.

Given our “artisanal” size, we have the flexibility to accommodate the customer’s requests, such as minimum diameter and length of the log, or the various sizes and lengths of the squared logs.

On average, we can produce between 35 and 80 cubic meters of lumber each year, equivalent approximately to 1 or 2 containers.

We prefer to ship a full container, but the smallest quantity we would ship is a “double lenght” pallet, which equates approximately to 2 cubic meters.

So, please, contact us, click the “request a quote”, and tell us about your needs. Your email will be kept confidential.

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